Strip and Seal Floor Cleaning

What is Strip and Seal Floor Cleaning?


Floor stripping and sealing is a process of removing a layer or layers of sealer, and cleaning and resealing the surface.

Can you restore the look of my floors?

Depending on the condition of the floor, this can involve the removal of just some of the top layers, and the application of a new top layer, or the removal and resealing of all layers.

How often should I get my floors stripped and sealed?

 Depending on the amount of foot traffic that enters the building and the coatings you have on your floor should give you a idea on how often.

 We recommend 3-4 coats of sealer for floor protection of up to 12 months,

in the scheduling of cleaning and maintenance vinyl flooring.

Who supplies the chemicals and consumables?

We supply all the materials thats required to provide a quality result.

What are your rates?

In order for us to provide a price, we would need to do a site visit.

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